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Update 20.05.2021

Letter to the Editor
Response  to  Drew,  R .  (2020).  Suspension  Trauma:   The   silent   killer.  
Canadian   Journal of Emergency Nursing. https://doi.org/10.29173/cjen18(IHR) 

We  read  ‘Suspension  Trauma.  The  silent  killer  by  Richard  Drew’  on  suspension  trauma   with   concern.
Here you can read the Letter to the Editor by ICAR MedCom Members:


Update 22.03.2021

International Hypothermia Registry (IHR) 


The International Hypothermia Registry (IHR) is the first and only world-wide database on human accidental hypothermia with more than 250 entries from all continents.



This internet-based registry was created at the University Hospital of Geneva (HUG), Switzerland which hosts the data on its secure server.  It is registered in Switzerland and has Ethical Approval from the University of Geneva. 

The IHR’s main goal is to increase awareness and knowledge of accidental hypothermia by gathering sufficient relevant data through international networking, creating the largest database on deep accidental hypothermia.  The Registry will enable the assessment of pre-hospital treatments, rewarming methods and survival factors as well as post-rewarming complications.  This will allow the establishment of evidence-based knowledge and treatment guidelines, thus improving patients’ outcome.

 The International Hypothermia Registry has a brand new website. The Database has been upgraded and revised for better research.

Have a look at the website :



Entries of Hypothermic Patients are encouraged and welcome. Registration is free of charge.



Update 07.04.2021


A new ICAR MedCom Recommendation has been published by Dr. Martin Musi et al:

MED REC 0040 - 2021

Clinical staging of accidental hypothermia: The Revised Swiss System:

Recommendation of the International Commission for Mountain Emergency Medicine (ICAR MedCom)


Clinical staging of accidental hypothermia is used to guide out-of-hospital treatment and transport decisions.

This revised system simplifies assessment.

Click below for further reading and the link to the paper & supplement

Clinical staging of accidental hypothermia

Update 06.02.2021


A new ICAR MedCom Recommendation has been published by Dr. Simon Rauch et al:

Suspension Syndrome

'These recommendations are based on an unanimous consensus opinion of ICAR Medcom. Unusually we are publishing these before a definitive peer reviewed article will be published. We feel this deviation from our normal practice is important for the safety of patients'  

Click below for further reading and the link to the paper & supplement

Suspension Syndrome


Update 31.03.2021

New book publication on Mountain Emergency Medicine

Mountain Emergency Medicine

MOUNTAIN EMERGENCY MEDICINE   by Brugger H., Zafren K., Festi L., Paal P., Strapazzon G.




  • The ICAR MedCom meeting in Scotland in April 2021 has been cancelled. ICAR MedCom will try to adjourn a meeting during the XIII ISMM World Congress in Interlaken in June 2021.

  • The next  ICAR  congress is planned to take place  October 19-24, 2021 (Tue-Sun). Venue : Thessaloniki, Greece . Hosted by HRT.

  • XIII. ISMM World Congress in Interlaken will take place as a hybrid conference from 14-17 June 2021 in Interlaken, Switzerland (check https://ismm2021.org/).

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