Alpine Rescue & Mountain Emergency Medicine

Types of courses

Mountain Medicine, Expedition and Wilderness, and Rescue (Terrestrial & Helicopter)

The courses are divided up into three sections: foundation course, course for trekking / expeditions and a specialty course for Mountain Emergency Medicine. The specialty course is designed for the training of emergency physicians and paramedics working in mountain rescue organisations. If your organisation or institution organises a mountain medicine course, and follows our minimum curricula, you can apply to our Approval Board the right to use the ISMM/UIAA/ICAR logos and award our Diploma.

The international syllabus covers altitude physiology and illness, expedition health, remote area trauma care, group psychology, travel medicine and also practical mountain skills. All holders have relevant skills and insight into the practical problems of delivering optimum patient care in the mountains.

Foundational Course in Mountain Medicine (120 hours):

This course covers the basics from hypothermia and frostbite, navigation and survival techniques as well as summer and winter  mountaineering techniques.

Specialty Course: Expedition and Wilderness Medicine (42 hours):

This course is designed for persons going on treks and expeditions with the anticipation that they will be providing medical support.

Specialty Course: Terrestrial Mountain Rescue (60 hours) & Alpine Helicopter Rescue Specialty Course (53 hours)

These courses are designed for Health Care Professionals who are (or are becoming) members of an organised rescue service. They should have been trained in Advanced Life Support (ALS) and be experienced in mountaineering to an appropriate standard. Curriculum A (Terrestrial Mountain Rescue Specialty Course Module) focuses on terrestrial mountain rescue. Curriculum B (Alpine Helicopter Rescue Specialty Course Module) focuses on air rescue operations in mountainous terrain and should at least attain the minimum standards and regulations of the region or nation. Instructional faculty of the Specialty Rescue Courses must have real-world mountain rescue patient care experience.

Apply for courses

If you are a doctor, paramedic or nurse who would like to take part in a mountain medicine course approved by the UIAA, ISMM and ICAR please contact one of these institutions for details.