Alpine Rescue & Mountain Emergency Medicine

The Administrative Team

(DIMM Regulation & Assessment Committee)


Member Organisations

The administrative team is made up of representatives elected by the member organisations and their respective presidents. The minimum number of persons is three. It will conduct its work by email and be accountable to the member organisations. A representative with a conflict of interest must inform other members of the team of the conflict. Decisions are made by consensus. The administrative team does not have the authority to alter the regulations. Its role is to approve courses by assessing the curriculum and assessment methods, and to keep a record of courses (so that enquiries can be directed to course organisers).

The current team consists of:

for the UIAA Medcom

  • David Hillebrandt (hillebrandt@freenetname.co.uk),
  • Urs Hefti (urshefti@bluewin.ch)
  • George Rodway (gwrodway@hotmail.com)
  • Rianne Van der Spek (riannevdspek@gmail.com) ;

for ICAR Medcom

  • John Ellerton (johnellerton01@icloud.com),
  • Jason Williams (JDWilliams@salud.unm.edu),
  • Bruce Brink (bruceabrink@gmail.com),
  • and David Watson (dewa369@gmail.com) ;

for ISMM

  • Remco Berendsen (R.R.Berendsen@lumc.nl)
  • and Hermann Brugger (hermann.brugger@eurac.edu) .

  • Oliver Reisten (oliver.reisten@air-zermatt.ch) with a special focus on the specialty rescue module.